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Pasture Raised Chicken Bone Broth
Having homemade bone broth on hand is a game changer in the kitchen. It is so much richer than what you buy at the store. The broth will boost flavor (and nutrition) in expected dishes like soup and unexpected dishes like beans and rice. You can also just sip on it to enjoy the health and nutrition benefits.
Pulled Pork & Cornbread Pot Pie
Remix leftover pulled pork into a cornbread topped pot pie.
Chicken & Vegetable Soup
A comforting soup that can be made with nearly anything in your refrigerator. I usually make it with leftover shredded chicken after a roast chicken dinner. Use whatever vegetables you have on hand. For example, during the summer, I often add zucchini and yellow squash, or even sliced okra. During the fall and winter, I use cabbage.
Roast Chicken and Root Vegetables
Roast this chicken over carrots and potatoes, or substitute other hearty vegetables like turnips or even cabbage. Be sure to save any leftovers (including the bones!). Shred the leftover chicken to remix into other dishes. Save the bones and leftover skin in a freezer bag to make broth later.
Sheet Pan Sausage and Vegetables
Sheet pan meals make for easy, hands-off meals for those days where life is just too busy. This could be made with any of our sausages. The smoked sausage, jalapeno sausage or jalapeno cheese sausage are all especially good prepared in the oven. Any vegetable that will crisp up in the oven can be substituted - okra, sliced squash, broccoli and more.
Pan Seared Pork Chops
Simple, delicious pork chops come together quickly for an easy weeknight meal.