Pasture Raised Monthly Protein Pack

Monthly curated selection of 10-12 lbs of pasture raised meat

Monthly Protein Pack

Our Monthly Protein Pack includes 10-12 lbs of cuts from our pasture raised chicken, heritage pork and grain finished beef.

Each delivery will include a variety of pasture raised cuts.

✓ Cuts for special occasions (like steaks or pork chops)

✓ Cuts for grilling (like sausages or hamburger patties)

✓ Cuts for easy versatile meals (like ground beef or stew meat)

Your subscription will be ready for pickup the Saturday after you sign up.

Common Questions

Can I try some of your pasture raised meat before ordering a protein pack?

Yes. All of our pasture raised meats are available by the cut in our online store.

When will my subscription be delivered?

Your subscription will be delivered the next Saturday after your renewal date. Unless you change it, the renewal date is the same day of the month that you signed up for the program.

What if I'm not available to receive my order one month?

You can pause your subscription using the "Manage my Meat Subscription" link at the bottom of each of website page.

How do I make changes to an existing subscription?

Use the "Manage my Meat Subscription" link at the bottom of each website page to make changes to your subscription.