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Pasture Raised Lamb

Annual harvest will be Spring 2023

✓ Lamb Chops
✓ Leg of Lamb
✓ Lamb Shoulder
✓ Ground Lamb

Truly pasture raised lamb rotationally grazed on pasture

We offer lamb once a year until it sells out. We raise Gulf Coast Native, a breed known for its heat tolerance, parasite resistance and exceptional flavor. The Ark of Taste recognizes the meat of Gulf Coast sheep as "extremely tender, moist and balance with a mild, "clean earth" flavor." Be sure to sign up to be notified when we have grass-fed lamb available.

Our sheep are always on pasture, grazing on grass. When our pastures are dormant, we provide hay and alfalfa pellets. In addition to the pasture (and other forms of grass), we also supplement with non-GMO feed. We rotate the sheep through the pastures, typically using them to "mow" before we bring chickens through. Moving them frequently is good for the soil as they disturb and aerate it with their hooves and good for the grass as it is not overgrazed.